Too Long In Coming...

As I sit here alone, eating a delicious taco salad at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I realize I forgot to tell you a tidbit of important information... I GOT MY INTERMEDIATE DRIVER’S LICENSE! I can now go to places by myself and enjoy the sweet taste of independence. At first, it was a little scary and I couldn’t remember road names for the life of me, but now I am starting to recognize roads, landmarks, and multiple ways to get to places! I’m trying very hard not to use the GPS. 

On another note, winter break was wonderful. I purposefully did not have a lot of gigs during the winter months, so I could write A LOT… and A LOT I did! So much inspiration from all aspects that I will be bringing to life through song. I will be recording these songs soon in a studio and releasing them as singles only. Meanwhile, I have performed most of them live to get y’all’s reaction, so be aware, I watch y'all as much as you watch me on stage.

I recently bought the DAW software REAPER because my Cubase is not working and I need to get going on recording my ideas. Let me just say, this software is easy to use and has so many cool features and effects. I am starting to get a hang of it! I record a lot of my ideas on here and I plan on going back and rerecording them for a final version that I will either take to the studio or release depending on how much I like it. 

Looking back at the end of 2017, New Years Eve was super fun! I had about eight friends over to play the Urban Dictionary game, watch The Conjuring 2, and watch the ball drop. It was a nice, laid back night. What a great way to ring in the new year! Just before my New Years Eve party, my friend Alex came over to do a photoshoot with me. He is an AMAZING photographer with a great eye for street style photos. When I do photoshoots, I believe it is important to dedicate a mood to each photo. Each photo should have a strong recognizable mood, whether it be my facial expression, the place, or the lighting of the photo. I want my audience to feel something when they look at the photos. 

Here is one of the photos from the photoshoot:

In the picture, I was going for a kickass, confident vibe. I put my boxing wraps on, tied my hair back, stuck my hoop earrings in my ears, and grabbed my fender. Not to mention, I was FREEZING, but it was worth it! 


Songs I am listening to lately: 

Sticky by Ravyn Lenae 

Bennie and The Jets by Elton John 

Thru the Tundra by Karma Kid, Aminé 

Family Affair by Mary J. Blige (this has made an appearance in some of my live sets) 

Finesse (remix) by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B 



Plain greek yogurt with fresh blueberries 


Funniest thing to happen lately, but not really: 

I recently got stood up… First time that has ever happened. It wasn’t that bad though. I was going to go see a movie with this guy, but he never texted me back and stopped responding the hour before we were supposed to go get food before the movie. Five hours later he responded and said “sorry I forgot to respond ☹. I left it at that, and decided if anyone wants to hang out with me THEY will have to plan it. I put way too much effort into this guy and he just disappeared… needless to say, I already started a song about this. 

So with all of that, let 2018 be the best year, yet! Let it be full of new songs, good food, and fitness! Thank you all for following my life. I look forward to this new year with you all!

See ya at my shows!

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  • Deb Tanner

    Deb Tanner OHIO

    Sounds like your having fun and that’s most important “If it ain’t fun it ain’t worth it✌️“ I realize that’s not proper grammar.... But it just doesn’t sound right the proper way 😳

    Sounds like your having fun and that’s most important
    “If it ain’t fun it ain’t worth it✌️“
    I realize that’s not proper grammar....
    But it just doesn’t sound right the proper way 😳

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