Queen Of Nothing and More

I am absolutely astonished at the things that have gone on in my life the past few weeks. Recently I released my second album that I put a lot of hard work, experience, and heart into. I am very proud of what I have released and there is so much of me behind it. One of the songs on the album, Woman’s World, I really wanted to address the fact that women still aren’t always being treated as equals to men. In looking at all the recent news, the push for woman’s rights is not over. Not that I really want this world to be a woman’s world only, but one that women do get equal respect. Masks On, is an accurate description of what we do sometimes to just get by in the world. We hide behind masks just to get by. The title track of my album, Queen Of Nothing, is written as I feel at this point in my life. Looking at the cover of my album, you will see the lioness – a parallel to me as I see things for now… also a queen of nothing.

On a funnier note, on the day of the CD release, I played at Mudflats in Galena Ohio for their Halloween party. It was a blast! I did a Halloween makeup based on the clown from the movie IT. We stopped to pick up Dixon (my bass player) at the gas station. I got out of the car to help load in his equipment and I noticed everyone staring me. I had forgotten I had all that makeup on! 

About a month ago, I started boxing. I have been wanting to try boxing for awhile now, but I didn’t want to get a black eye! The boxing gym I go to said I do not have to fight, although they think I will want to as time goes on. Learning the different punches and the tremendous amount of foot work has been quite a challenge. Learning to keep my balance, concentrate on what my feet need to do and where to place my weight is more of the primary focus than just hitting things. I have tried a lot of different types of ways to stay fit and I am finding boxing is a great way for me to stay active AND de-stress. I recommend it to anyone! 

I have also been doing an abundance of school this year. Twenty pages of notes, front and back, every day is pretty much average, however: am really enjoying Advance Placement (AP) English. Just yesterday, had to pick an author and analyze their style based off the rhetorical devices they use. know, it may sound boring when I describe it like that, but once I figured out their style of writing I got to write a pastiche (which means I would copy the style of the author in my own writing). Stephen King was my focus and wrote this: 

The once calm, curious feline had longed for something exciting. Yet, little did he realize that excitement would be defacing and utterly evil. The green, tar-like substance initiated its rebellion against the cat’s curiosity. Aggravation crept into his mind and slowly took over his claws. His innocent brain had been overthrown by this abusive and disturbing infection. He would soon be turned against himself, faceless with only regretful eyes to stare down at the outcome of his decision. 

Perhaps I could turn this into a song? 

Not only have I been doing school, boxing, and teaching ukulele, but I have been writing my next album, too. I have quite a ways to go before I hit the studio again, but this one is going to be even better than my first two. I am having a blast writing it and I really want to introduce a new sound and feel to this one. I have been recording my ideas using REAPER, which is allowing me to get super creative with my songs. 

One of my highlights during the week is teaching the middle school kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Covington ukulele lessons. I am not kidding when I say these kids pick things up fast! I receive about two or three new kids into both of my classes every time I teach. You may be asking, “How do you teach when there are constantly new kids entering the class?” They watch, listen, then immediately apply what they are taught. It’s crazy how fast they pick it up, they impress me every time I go! The kids are also very well-mannered and have the whole teamwork thing down. I always have two or three kids stay after class to help put away the ukuleles and straighten up the chairs. I feel honored to be able to guide these kids into music as well as help them achieve their goals and dreams. 

These past weeks have been incredible, and I have realized how many people support me. I am beyond grateful for all of you who follow and support my dream. This adventure is only just starting, and I am glad you all are part of it! 

P.S. I will be going live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Krue, and Twitter more, so keep an eye out for announcements about that! It will be called the Erin Coburn Encounter!

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