Boulder Creek Instruments Ukulele Review

Hello everyone! 

I have been playing my new Boulder Creek Instruments Riptide ukulele Model EUC-5NG since this summer and I wanted to share my thoughts on it's performance and include a video of me putting it through it's paces at the Dayton Lights in Flight festival - click on the link below to go to YouTube for that video! . I have been playing it regularly at all of my gigs and also while teaching ukulele at the local Boys and Girls Club charity - so plenty of use...  Here is my review:

Plugged in or not, this ukulele is bright, loud, and clear! Acoustically, it has a beautiful sound and tone, and when it is plugged into an amp that sound is extraordinary!  This ukulele is well put together, has a nice clean fretboard, a small sound-hole, and built in tuner.  The uke also includes a place where you can adjust the bass, treble, and volume. It works great with all of my pedals, especially the wah and distortion.  The finish is high gloss and the edging gives a glint to it that catches your eye.  It is quality all around and has held up while I strum, solo, and rock hard - and it keeps in tune with minimal adjustment.  Overall, this is the best ukulele I have ever owned.  

Dayton Lights In Flight Video




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