A Blissful Weekend

A Blissful Weekend 
There is nothing more blissful and amazing than Bliss Festival in Michigan. I got the privilege to play there, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Furthermore, I don’t believe I have ever gotten to do anything like it. Bliss Festival, in my words, is so unique and everyone is there to listen and relate to the music. It’s the coolest thing, though, when you are the musician and you can see the people feeling, understanding, relating to, and just enjoying your music. Heck, there were people there that would just dance the night away! I also thought that the people that hula hooped were really cool! Seeing all these people expressing themselves in different ways definitely inspired me. You can bet that I wrote quite a bit of tunes while I was there! 
The car ride wasn’t too bad either, Joe and I played at a rest stop! 

Not to mention, we stopped at The Bavarian Inn. It was DELICIOUS.

My dad (left), me (center), and my mom (right)

            When we first arrived at the festival on Friday we were directed to the musicians’ campground, where we would call home for the next two days. Dad suggested we set up our tents right then and there. The sky was looking quite gloomy and it had rained extremely hard before we had gotten there. Next thing we knew, we were setting up our tents in the pouring rain. I’m not complaining, it wasn’t awful, but it was certainly new to me. The rain felt so refreshing, and yet, cold at the same time. Once we had the tents set up, we ventured out into the heart of the festival to find some grub. I must say, the food was delightful. Can you believe that the first day I got a California roll?! I was so excited, what better way to start off the weekend? 
Our campground after it stopped raining and we had it all set up. 

Friday night we went through the forest to the Drum Kiva. One of the very cool events I got to witness was the Middle East Dance Performance by the group Izgreyala. My drummer, Joe, was captivated by the drummers performing that night and he joined them. One of them even played the didgeridoo! We also saw Izgreyala Saturday night. Their sound is so tribal and I love it!!! They even had a belly dancer that ate fire. 
It was so hard to go to sleep at night because the music was rocking and I wanted to get up and dance! 
As I described earlier, we had to go through the woods to get to the Drum Kiva. Now, I felt like I was in the movie Avatar because there were thousands of people camping in the woods. I felt like they should be called “The Tree People” and they put out so much energy. 

 It was so beautiful, especially at night when the paths were illuminated. 
When it came time for us to perform on Saturday and Sunday we got a great response from the crowd! Like I said, they all gave us so much energy and we, in return, gave them our soul with our music. 

Just some of the people at the festival. 

The times when I was on stage, I had these moments where I thought to myself This is what I want to do, this is my dream. I already feel so accomplished because of the things I have done, and I am so thankful to have a supportive awesome sounding rhythm section, amazing fans, and the best parents I could ask for. We will keep continuing on with our sound and passion. 
I taught a ukulele workshop with my two new friends! 

Joe and me, playing at the Song Tree.

Teaching a blues guitar workshop with Cary Morin from Colorado. 
Here are some of the songs I am listening to this week: 
-Wolfman by Dirty Bourbon River Show (They played at the festival as well. I love their sound!!!) 
-Things Are Changin’ by Gary Clark Jr. 
-All In You (feat. Anna Kova) by Synapson 
On another topic near and dear to my heart – food. 
Here’s one of the dishes I have made, that I suggest you try: 
California Roll (imitation crab) 

Sushi is super fun to make, but it can be tricky! 

Thank you for reading, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Be sure to check out the rest of my Erin Coburn Music website, facebook, and Instagram page for upcoming shows! 
Dragon Wagon 

Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, & Mary) 

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