Too Long In Coming... 

As I sit here alone, eating a delicious taco salad at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I realize I forgot to tell you a tidbit of important information... I GOT MY INTERMEDIATE DRIVER’S LICENSE! I can now go to places by myself and enjoy the sweet taste of independence. At first, it was a little scary and I couldn’t remember road names for the life of me, but now I am starting to recognize roads, landmarks, and multiple ways to get to places! I’m trying very hard not to use the GPS. 

On another note, winter break was wonderful. I purposefully did not have a lot of gigs during the winter months, so I could write A LOT… and A LOT I did! So much inspiration from all aspects that I will be bringing to life through song. I will be recording these songs soon in a studio and releasing them as singles only. Meanwhile, I have performed most of them live to get y’all’s reaction, so be aware, I watch y'all as much as you watch me on stage.

I recently bought the DAW software REAPER because my Cubase is not working and I need to get going on recording my ideas. Let me just say, this software is easy to use and has so many cool features and effects. I am starting to get a hang of it! I record a lot of my ideas on here and I plan on going back and rerecording them for a final version that I will either take to the studio or release depending on how much I like it. 

Looking back at the end of 2017, New Years Eve was super fun! I had about eight friends over to play the Urban Dictionary game, watch The Conjuring 2, and watch the ball drop. It was a nice, laid back night. What a great way to ring in the new year! Just before my New Years Eve party, my friend Alex came over to do a photoshoot with me. He is an AMAZING photographer with a great eye for street style photos. When I do photoshoots, I believe it is important to dedicate a mood to each photo. Each photo should have a strong recognizable mood, whether it be my facial expression, the place, or the lighting of the photo. I want my audience to feel something when they look at the photos. 

Here is one of the photos from the photoshoot:

In the picture, I was going for a kickass, confident vibe. I put my boxing wraps on, tied my hair back, stuck my hoop earrings in my ears, and grabbed my fender. Not to mention, I was FREEZING, but it was worth it! 


Songs I am listening to lately: 

Sticky by Ravyn Lenae 

Bennie and The Jets by Elton John 

Thru the Tundra by Karma Kid, Aminé 

Family Affair by Mary J. Blige (this has made an appearance in some of my live sets) 

Finesse (remix) by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B 



Plain greek yogurt with fresh blueberries 


Funniest thing to happen lately, but not really: 

I recently got stood up… First time that has ever happened. It wasn’t that bad though. I was going to go see a movie with this guy, but he never texted me back and stopped responding the hour before we were supposed to go get food before the movie. Five hours later he responded and said “sorry I forgot to respond ☹. I left it at that, and decided if anyone wants to hang out with me THEY will have to plan it. I put way too much effort into this guy and he just disappeared… needless to say, I already started a song about this. 

So with all of that, let 2018 be the best year, yet! Let it be full of new songs, good food, and fitness! Thank you all for following my life. I look forward to this new year with you all!

See ya at my shows!

Holidays and more 


First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!! Tis the season of sweets, thankfulness, and STAR WARS, which my family will be seeing on Christmas day. So much has gone on since the last time I blogged. I have been writing A LOT of new songs and have played a few of them out at my shows recently to see the reaction they get. EVRYBDY, I Remember When, and Friendzone have been the latest played out. I also just got my heart broken ☹ with a relationship that ended. Having a creative outlet for all those feelings means more songs being written. I think those songs can be the best ones because there is so much emotion that goes into them. I am excited to write these! Even though boys can really be a pain sometimes, the songs that come from dating them are a plus. 

I LOVE so many styles and genres of music, but lately have been listening to quite a bit of rap and RnB. This has inspired me to dabble in these genres as well. I would really like to fuse alt rock, blues, hip hop, and rap together to create a new genre. I adore weird sounds and unique ways of creating music, and I am ready to explore the endless pathways of making the human ear happy. Currently, I am researching studios I would like to record my singles in, so if anyone has suggestions please feel free to let me know! Specifically, I am looking for a studio that can give me the surrounding, electronic, and modern sound I want. Super pumped for these singles because they will be a very different sound for me! 

On another note, do you know what I could really use? A clothing endorsement because it takes, on average, an hour and a half for me to pick out an outfit for a show. That includes me changing my mind 7 billion times and leaving a large pile of clothes on my closet floor. Anyone else do this? Anyway, it would make life easier if I could have outfits already there for me PLUS I could represent a certain clothing brand. Maybe I will start doing research to make this happen. Yet, the hard part is I must figure out my style. I love comfortable, sporty clothes… but I also love jeans and dresses. Hmmm…. 

What I am listening to: 

1. Take A Step Back by Ski Mask The Slump God, XXXTENTACION 

2. See You Again by Tyler, The Creator 

3. Collard Greens by ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar 

4. Polly by Nirvana 

5. Game Over by Audley 

Song number five (Game Over by Audley) is AMAZING. You all should check it out. I got to see Audley perform at the Cincinnati Entertain Awards, and let me just say this dude puts on quite the animated show. He performed with the band Sylmar. This group of amazing musicians and people had an energy I have never seen before. My hope is to do a collaboration with Audley, or someone like him in the future. Audley and Sylmar inspired me and left me in awe at their soulful, funky style with unique grooves. I would really like to see another one of their shows. 


Every year, at Thanksgiving, my family members randomly selects countries and whatever country you get you must make a dish from that country and bring it to the Christmas get-together. Well, this year’s dishes turned out AMAZING! We had food from Morocco, Australia, Greenland, The Philippines, Switzerland, Greece, and Ukraine. I had Ukraine, so I decided to make cabbage rolls. Everyone loved them! This tradition is one of my favorites because it gets the whole family out of their comfort zone and it makes them get creative. I learn so much about other countries’ cuisines and LOVE sampling food I don’t normally get! 

My wish for all of you, during this time of year is to hug your loved ones. Tell them what they mean to you. Make new friends, try new food, and sooth your soul with some great music!

Queen Of Nothing and More 

I am absolutely astonished at the things that have gone on in my life the past few weeks. Recently I released my second album that I put a lot of hard work, experience, and heart into. I am very proud of what I have released and there is so much of me behind it. One of the songs on the album, Woman’s World, I really wanted to address the fact that women still aren’t always being treated as equals to men. In looking at all the recent news, the push for woman’s rights is not over. Not that I really want this world to be a woman’s world only, but one that women do get equal respect. Masks On, is an accurate description of what we do sometimes to just get by in the world. We hide behind masks just to get by. The title track of my album, Queen Of Nothing, is written as I feel at this point in my life. Looking at the cover of my album, you will see the lioness – a parallel to me as I see things for now… also a queen of nothing.

On a funnier note, on the day of the CD release, I played at Mudflats in Galena Ohio for their Halloween party. It was a blast! I did a Halloween makeup based on the clown from the movie IT. We stopped to pick up Dixon (my bass player) at the gas station. I got out of the car to help load in his equipment and I noticed everyone staring me. I had forgotten I had all that makeup on! 

About a month ago, I started boxing. I have been wanting to try boxing for awhile now, but I didn’t want to get a black eye! The boxing gym I go to said I do not have to fight, although they think I will want to as time goes on. Learning the different punches and the tremendous amount of foot work has been quite a challenge. Learning to keep my balance, concentrate on what my feet need to do and where to place my weight is more of the primary focus than just hitting things. I have tried a lot of different types of ways to stay fit and I am finding boxing is a great way for me to stay active AND de-stress. I recommend it to anyone! 

I have also been doing an abundance of school this year. Twenty pages of notes, front and back, every day is pretty much average, however: am really enjoying Advance Placement (AP) English. Just yesterday, had to pick an author and analyze their style based off the rhetorical devices they use. know, it may sound boring when I describe it like that, but once I figured out their style of writing I got to write a pastiche (which means I would copy the style of the author in my own writing). Stephen King was my focus and wrote this: 

The once calm, curious feline had longed for something exciting. Yet, little did he realize that excitement would be defacing and utterly evil. The green, tar-like substance initiated its rebellion against the cat’s curiosity. Aggravation crept into his mind and slowly took over his claws. His innocent brain had been overthrown by this abusive and disturbing infection. He would soon be turned against himself, faceless with only regretful eyes to stare down at the outcome of his decision. 

Perhaps I could turn this into a song? 

Not only have I been doing school, boxing, and teaching ukulele, but I have been writing my next album, too. I have quite a ways to go before I hit the studio again, but this one is going to be even better than my first two. I am having a blast writing it and I really want to introduce a new sound and feel to this one. I have been recording my ideas using REAPER, which is allowing me to get super creative with my songs. 

One of my highlights during the week is teaching the middle school kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Covington ukulele lessons. I am not kidding when I say these kids pick things up fast! I receive about two or three new kids into both of my classes every time I teach. You may be asking, “How do you teach when there are constantly new kids entering the class?” They watch, listen, then immediately apply what they are taught. It’s crazy how fast they pick it up, they impress me every time I go! The kids are also very well-mannered and have the whole teamwork thing down. I always have two or three kids stay after class to help put away the ukuleles and straighten up the chairs. I feel honored to be able to guide these kids into music as well as help them achieve their goals and dreams. 

These past weeks have been incredible, and I have realized how many people support me. I am beyond grateful for all of you who follow and support my dream. This adventure is only just starting, and I am glad you all are part of it! 

P.S. I will be going live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Krue, and Twitter more, so keep an eye out for announcements about that! It will be called the Erin Coburn Encounter!

Boulder Creek Instruments Ukulele Review 

Hello everyone! 

I have been playing my new Boulder Creek Instruments Riptide ukulele Model EUC-5NG since this summer and I wanted to share my thoughts on it's performance and include a video of me putting it through it's paces at the Dayton Lights in Flight festival - click on the link below to go to YouTube for that video! . I have been playing it regularly at all of my gigs and also while teaching ukulele at the local Boys and Girls Club charity - so plenty of use...  Here is my review:

Plugged in or not, this ukulele is bright, loud, and clear! Acoustically, it has a beautiful sound and tone, and when it is plugged into an amp that sound is extraordinary!  This ukulele is well put together, has a nice clean fretboard, a small sound-hole, and built in tuner.  The uke also includes a place where you can adjust the bass, treble, and volume. It works great with all of my pedals, especially the wah and distortion.  The finish is high gloss and the edging gives a glint to it that catches your eye.  It is quality all around and has held up while I strum, solo, and rock hard - and it keeps in tune with minimal adjustment.  Overall, this is the best ukulele I have ever owned.  

Dayton Lights In Flight Video




The CD is coming!!!!!  

The all-original 15 song CD is on its way!!!! Off to production, then we will be figuring out the promotion, radio spots, and all that good stuff. To tide you over, here is a rough draft of the album back cover. 







Get ready! Keep an eye out for my album! 

I have been very busy this summer. Lots of shows! I am also teaching ukulele at the Boys and Girls Club. I want to say thank you to all of the people who donated ukuleles for these kids. They are all amazing kids and they have a TON of energy. I thought I had a lot of energy! A lot of them are fast learners too. They have been picking up the things I have taught them very quickly. 

On another note, I have slowly been learning audio engineering. I am aiming to become an audio engineer, so I am trying to learn as much as I can now. My online school offers an audio engineering class, and I am taking it for my junior year! So far, I have finished recording one song that I hope to have out soon. It is very different from what I normally write… just warning y’all. Joe put down some sick beats on it too! 

My food of the week: 

Butternut Squash 

I wasn’t too sure how to prepare butternut squash… But I figured you cannot go wrong with sautéing! 

When you are looking for a nice filling side for dinner or lunch; this is perfect! 

Sautéed Butternut Squash 

You will need: 

1 Butternut Squash 

Cayenne Pepper 

Black Pepper 

Salt (preferably pink Himalayan) 

Onion Powder 

Garlic Powder 

Coconut Oil 




1. Peel the hard outside of the butternut squash with a vegetable peeler 

2. Cut the ends of the squash off 

3. Cut the squash into small cubes (dice sized) 

4. Put 2 to 3 large spoonfuls of coconut oil in your pan and heat the pan up 

5. Put the squash in the pan and put the spices (onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, parsley, thyme, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper) on the squash (put as much spice as you want, just know that cayenne pepper is quite strong) 

6. Stir the squash cubes frequently and have the heat medium to high 

7. The squash will be finished when it is soft and you can easily cut a few pieces in half with your spatula 

And BAM! The perfect side to any dish! 

Recently, I got to see The Weeknd in concert. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen! There was so much energy on and off stage. I got to go with two of my great friends and my mom. It was an amazing birthday present (thanks mom and dad!) 

Here are the songs I am listening to: 

1. What You Need by Baynk 

2. No Matter What by Little Monarch 

3. True Colors by The Weeknd 

4. XO TOUR LIF3 by Lil Uzi Vert 

5. Mercy, Mercy by Don Covay

A Reflection And A Look Forward 

A reflection and a look forward 

These weeks of winter break from school have been wonderful. I’ve had time to organize my songs and we have even started building a music studio downstairs, so we can do live shows and live videos! I must say, "busy" is an understatement between honors classes and working on my next albums. It can be stressful at times, but I have been trying my best to maintain a balance. Soon, I will be meeting with a school about joining their online high school. This will allow me to travel more and really work on my music.  This will allow me to get more chickens and spend time with them. 

Looking back on 2016, I really enjoyed every single show I played. My absolute favorite was playing at Bliss Festival because everyone was there for the music. The energy there was insane!  During the summer I have got to play in Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Indiana, and Ohio. Honestly, I used to despise car rides, but now I love them.  I know I am going somewhere to share my music and my passion, as well as, I got to see some really amazing and talented people play.  I met some super cool people, such as Bob Margolin, Samantha Fish, and Jerry Springer on my travels! 

Looking forward, I plan on playing more festivals and recording my blues album and my alt rock album. Also, since I will be online schooled I will be able to spend more time with my family and friends and I can cook more, too! These last two years of high school, I have to plan for college. I have been looking at different colleges and universities for music and so far I really like Belmont in Nashville! However, there are many more options I am exploring. When I get older, one of my dreams is to open an orphanage that gives children a second chance through music and the arts, yet they don’t have to do music or the arts if they do not wish to. I hope to travel the world, make my music well known, publish some films, and help others. 

Someday, I would like to backpack Thailand off of forty dollars for one whole month.  Just a dream I hope to realize at some point in my life.

We had a Christmas party with my mom’s side of the family over break as well. Our tradition is everyone draws the name of a country on Thanksgiving, then on the day of our Christmas party they each bring a dish they made from that country. It was all very delicious! 

So, here is the dish of the week. I drew the country, Lebanon, so I made Vegan Moussaka.

Here is the link to the recipe 

The songs I have been listening to recently are: 

Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers 

Evil Twin by Krrum 

Mother by Moglii 

Couch Potato by Jakubi 

Cocoon by Milky Chance 

2017 is going to be a great year! I cannot wait to get back into the studio… will have details out soon on that.   

I hope everyone’s year is fantastic!

My next blog will have some exciting details and events to come.

What I Have Been Doing Lately... 

As I sit here eating Chinese food, I am reflecting on a lot that has happened in these past few weeks. I haven’t been able to write a blog because I have been ridiculously busy with school and writing new songs.  Every day, two hours or more of homework is what I get to look forward to.  I’m not complaining, as I am definitely learning a lot, which I love, but I just have to really watch my time management. Actually, my AP European History class is really enjoyable because I love the material and the teaching style of taking notes from a lecture then immediately applying what I have learned. I never want to stop learning! 

Even though I have been busy with work and school, I have had time to do fun things as well.  My best friend and I ran the Color Run 5k - messy, but oh so much fun.  A bunch of my friends and I went to Kings Island and had a blast.  On another free weekend, we spent time in West Virginia hiking, fishing, and riding ATVs all over.  We also added to our family by adopting another rescue dog, who is now settling in nicely with my family. 

On the business side of my life, I have been working on getting my next two albums together for recording - one blues, the other rock.  I will be getting back into the studio very soon to record.  I am also working on some collaborations with a couple of other musicians.  Can’t wait to share these projects.

This week, I had a video shoot at Poor Indiana Man Productions in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I have to say, Joshua Wickizer’s studio is AWESOME! It has a great vibe and the room has the most wonderful sound. Joshua is very talented and knows how to shoot videos and make them sound great!  I’ll be getting the videos posted as soon as I can. 

I have played so many places since writing my last blog. The BEST thing when I am playing live is when the audience feeds me energy. It’s a symbiotic relationship. I benefit from their energy and they benefit from my music by letting them forget about some of the things going on in their lives for awhile.  If you want to see where I am playing next, check out my SHOWS page: 

On one of my favorite topics - food, I am no longer a vegetarian. I noticed it was making me very tired, so just yesterday I switched back over to eating meat.  At least adding chicken, eggs, and fish back into my diet.  The recipe I want to share for this blog is Healthy Muffin Cups. I made these for my boyfriend on our one month anniversary and he loved them. My parents even stole a few and wanted more!


The songs I have been listening to: 

Can’t Sleep by Gary Clark Jr. 

Float by Switchfoot 

Hot Blood by Kaleo 

Is This Love by Corinne Bailey Rae (cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”) 

Thank you for keeping up with my blog! Stay tuned for more to come and check out the rest of my Erin Coburn Music website!

It's Been Awhile... 

Hi everyone!

I am very sorry for not writing sooner, but I have been very busy.  So glad I can finally sit down and write!  

Lately, I have had a little time off from shows, so I got to hang out with my friends, my animals, and work on new songs for my next album.  Back to the recording studio for me soon!!!  It was so great to get back to performing with my show on Friday at Quaker, Steak, and Lube in Florence. I was playing as a duo with Dixon Creasy Jr. and had a few guest wanting to pop in for a few songs. We were sounding awesome and rockin' the house, but halfway through the second set the rain came.  The sky was ominous, but it looked like it was going to pass us… it didn’t. We were all rushing to get the instruments, cables, and the rest of the equipment out of the rain. Sadly, the rain did not stop and we did not play anymore that night. But, I have more shows coming up, so if you were there Friday and you want to see more check out my shows this week! I will be playing Tuesday night at Arnold’s with John Redell from 7 to 9 and at Wunderbar in Covington, Friday from 7:30 to 11:30 with the Cleverly Named Duo. 

On a random note, I had time to think last week. I found a few more dreams that I want to achieve someday. I would like to be a model, fashion designer, and sound engineer.. all of this in addition to a musician and songwriter. I also have decided to give being vegan a try.  Going vegan is so cool because it opens you up to a whole new food palette and a different way of thinking of food.  

Here are the songs I am listening to this week: 

U by Mikky Ekko  (I saw him last year at Bunbury)

White Lies by Max Frost 

Gooey by Glass Animals 

For my love of food, this week I made what is called a “Buddha Bowl”.

IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!! Not to mention, it is so good for you. It has quinoa with a pepper sauce, chickpeas, avocado, and spinach. I seriously couldn’t stop eating it! 

Here is the recipe: 

Thank you so much for staying updated! Check out the rest of my website and upcoming shows !

Erin Coburn

A Blissful Weekend 

A Blissful Weekend 
There is nothing more blissful and amazing than Bliss Festival in Michigan. I got the privilege to play there, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Furthermore, I don’t believe I have ever gotten to do anything like it. Bliss Festival, in my words, is so unique and everyone is there to listen and relate to the music. It’s the coolest thing, though, when you are the musician and you can see the people feeling, understanding, relating to, and just enjoying your music. Heck, there were people there that would just dance the night away! I also thought that the people that hula hooped were really cool! Seeing all these people expressing themselves in different ways definitely inspired me. You can bet that I wrote quite a bit of tunes while I was there! 
The car ride wasn’t too bad either, Joe and I played at a rest stop! 

Not to mention, we stopped at The Bavarian Inn. It was DELICIOUS.

My dad (left), me (center), and my mom (right)

            When we first arrived at the festival on Friday we were directed to the musicians’ campground, where we would call home for the next two days. Dad suggested we set up our tents right then and there. The sky was looking quite gloomy and it had rained extremely hard before we had gotten there. Next thing we knew, we were setting up our tents in the pouring rain. I’m not complaining, it wasn’t awful, but it was certainly new to me. The rain felt so refreshing, and yet, cold at the same time. Once we had the tents set up, we ventured out into the heart of the festival to find some grub. I must say, the food was delightful. Can you believe that the first day I got a California roll?! I was so excited, what better way to start off the weekend? 
Our campground after it stopped raining and we had it all set up. 

Friday night we went through the forest to the Drum Kiva. One of the very cool events I got to witness was the Middle East Dance Performance by the group Izgreyala. My drummer, Joe, was captivated by the drummers performing that night and he joined them. One of them even played the didgeridoo! We also saw Izgreyala Saturday night. Their sound is so tribal and I love it!!! They even had a belly dancer that ate fire. 
It was so hard to go to sleep at night because the music was rocking and I wanted to get up and dance! 
As I described earlier, we had to go through the woods to get to the Drum Kiva. Now, I felt like I was in the movie Avatar because there were thousands of people camping in the woods. I felt like they should be called “The Tree People” and they put out so much energy. 

 It was so beautiful, especially at night when the paths were illuminated. 
When it came time for us to perform on Saturday and Sunday we got a great response from the crowd! Like I said, they all gave us so much energy and we, in return, gave them our soul with our music. 

Just some of the people at the festival. 

The times when I was on stage, I had these moments where I thought to myself This is what I want to do, this is my dream. I already feel so accomplished because of the things I have done, and I am so thankful to have a supportive awesome sounding rhythm section, amazing fans, and the best parents I could ask for. We will keep continuing on with our sound and passion. 
I taught a ukulele workshop with my two new friends! 

Joe and me, playing at the Song Tree.

Teaching a blues guitar workshop with Cary Morin from Colorado. 
Here are some of the songs I am listening to this week: 
-Wolfman by Dirty Bourbon River Show (They played at the festival as well. I love their sound!!!) 
-Things Are Changin’ by Gary Clark Jr. 
-All In You (feat. Anna Kova) by Synapson 
On another topic near and dear to my heart – food. 
Here’s one of the dishes I have made, that I suggest you try: 
California Roll (imitation crab) 
Sushi is super fun to make, but it can be tricky! 

Thank you for reading, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Be sure to check out the rest of my Erin Coburn Music website, facebook, and Instagram page for upcoming shows! 
Dragon Wagon 

Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, & Mary)