Martinez News-Gazette, November 20, 2015. Gordon R. Webb. 
When I asked Erin who inspired her to pick up the electric ukulele, she replied, “No one. I just happened to be in a guitar store and saw them hanging on the wall. I just had to try them out and immediately fell in love with the sound. I wrote ‘Charred Heart’ with the ‘uke,’ because that is (the sound) I could hear in my head as I was writing the song.”, October 9, 2015. Moose Gronhom.
"This album is merely a reflection of a live show the only difference is, no cover songs. Erin is quite a talent with her playing electric guitar, electric ukulele, and piano all of which get expressed on this album. Something that always impresses me is the wah pedal on her ukulele, it just always shocks me and makes me nod my head.", December 19, 2014 .  Moose Gronholm.
"The show was a bluesy, country, bluegrassy, rock and roll trip. From songs such as Shake, Rattle, and Roll to Columbus Stockade blues and while these couple tunes maybe “oldies” she threw in a little Black Keys just to keep it in the now. Through her “Wah” pedal she nailed “All Along the Watchtower” which she played on her Ukulele, then went into “Come On Up to The House” by Tom Waits. Yes...Tom Waits"